Island Retreat

Rates & Calendar

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What's included:

All on-board meals and a generous ship's bar (both provisioned to your specifications), all on-board activities, mooring fees, ice, water, fuel, etc. are included.  The only things not included are transfers to and from the yacht, Any off-board food or activities, fishing licenses, and gratuity to your crew. 

2 Pax


3 Pax


4 Pax


5 Pax


6 Pax


4-Night Minimum.
For 5 nights or less, divide the weekly rate by 6 and multiply by the number of nights.

Includes all breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners, ship's bar, snacks, canapes, all other meals ashore at client expense.

2 Pass- $37,700 |
3 Pass- $38,550 |
4 Pass- $39,400 | 
5 Pass- $40,250 | 
6 Pass- $41,100

Summer Base Port: New England
Summer Operating Area: New England (Add $2,000 to weekly rates)
Winter Base Port: USVI/BVI
Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands